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Family name MIR-92 (all species)
Species European lancelet (Branchiostoma lanceolatum)
MiRBase ID
Paralogues Bla-Mir-92-o2  Bla-Mir-92-o3  Bla-Mir-92-o4  Bla-Mir-92-o5  Bla-Mir-92-o6  Bla-Mir-92-o7  Bla-Mir-92-o8 
Orthologues Aca-Mir-92-P1a  Aca-Mir-92-P1c  Ami-Mir-92-P1a  Ami-Mir-92-P1c  Ami-Mir-92-P1d  Asu-Mir-92  Bfl-Mir-92-o1  Bta-Mir-92-P1a  Bta-Mir-92-P1c  Bta-Mir-92-P1d  Cel-Mir-92  Cfa-Mir-92-P1a  Cfa-Mir-92-P1c  Cfa-Mir-92-P1d  Cli-Mir-92-P1a  Cli-Mir-92-P1c  Cmi-Mir-92-P1a  Cmi-Mir-92-P1b  Cmi-Mir-92-P1c  Cmi-Mir-92-P1d  Cpi-Mir-92-P1a  Cpi-Mir-92-P1c  Cpi-Mir-92-P1d  Cpo-Mir-92-P1a  Cpo-Mir-92-P1c  Cpo-Mir-92-P1d  Dno-Mir-92-P1a  Dno-Mir-92-P1c  Dno-Mir-92-P1d  Dre-Mir-92-P1a1  Dre-Mir-92-P1a2  Dre-Mir-92-P1d  Ebu-Mir-92-P1e  Esc-Mir-92  Ete-Mir-92-P1a  Ete-Mir-92-P1c  Ete-Mir-92-P1d  Gga-Mir-92-P1a  Gga-Mir-92-P1c  Gja-Mir-92-P1a  Gja-Mir-92-P1c  Gja-Mir-92-P1d  Gmo-Mir-92-P1a1  Gmo-Mir-92-P1a2  Hsa-Mir-92-P1a  Hsa-Mir-92-P1c  Hsa-Mir-92-P1d  Isc-Mir-92  Lch-Mir-92-P1a  Lch-Mir-92-P1d  Loc-Mir-92-P1a  Loc-Mir-92-P1d  Mal-Mir-92-P1a1  Mal-Mir-92-P1a2  Mal-Mir-92-P1d  Mdo-Mir-92-P1a  Mdo-Mir-92-P1c  Mdo-Mir-92-P1d  Mml-Mir-92-P1a  Mml-Mir-92-P1c  Mml-Mir-92-P1d  Mmu-Mir-92-P1a  Mmu-Mir-92-P1c  Mmu-Mir-92-P1d  Mun-Mir-92-P1a  Mun-Mir-92-P1c  Mun-Mir-92-P1d  Oan-Mir-92-P1a5  Oan-Mir-92-P1a6  Oan-Mir-92-P1a7  Oan-Mir-92-P1a8  Oan-Mir-92-P1c  Oan-Mir-92-P1d  Obi-Mir-92  Ocu-Mir-92-P1a  Ocu-Mir-92-P1c  Ocu-Mir-92-P1d  Pbv-Mir-92-P1a  Pbv-Mir-92-P1c  Pbv-Mir-92-P1d  Pma-Mir-92-P1g  Pma-Mir-92-P1h  Pma-Mir-92-P1o1  Rno-Mir-92-P1a  Rno-Mir-92-P1c  Rno-Mir-92-P1d  Sha-Mir-92-P1a  Sha-Mir-92-P1c  Sha-Mir-92-P1d  Sme-Mir-92  Spt-Mir-92-P1a  Spt-Mir-92-P1c  Spt-Mir-92-P1d  Sto-Mir-92-P1a  Sto-Mir-92-P1b  Sto-Mir-92-P1c  Sto-Mir-92-P1d  Tgu-Mir-92-P1a  Tgu-Mir-92-P1c  Tgu-Mir-92-P1d  Tni-Mir-92-P1a1  Tni-Mir-92-P1a2  Xla-Mir-92-P1a3  Xla-Mir-92-P1a4  Xla-Mir-92-P1c3  Xla-Mir-92-P1c4  Xla-Mir-92-P1d1  Xla-Mir-92-P1d2  Xtr-Mir-92-P1a  Xtr-Mir-92-P1c  Xtr-Mir-92-P1d 
Node of Origin (locus) Branchiostoma
Node of Origin (family) Bilateria
Genome context
Sc0000007: 4735621-4735679 [+] Ensembl
(pre-Mir +30nt flank)
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        10          20        30        40        50         
UACACAUAUUCUAACAUG--|   U      C     A    U    G      CUACUU 
                    GCCU GUCAGA AGGCC GGAU GGUG CAAUGC      A
                    CGGG UAGUCU UCCGG CCUG UCAC GUUAUG      U
GCAUGUCGAUCCUCUAACAA^   U      U     C    U    -      ACUAUG 
       110       100        90        80         70        60
Deep sequencing
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CommentIt is not clear either from phylogenetic or syntenic information how many Mir-92 genes were present in the last common ancestor of bilaterians and how the vertebrate Mir-92s relate to the invertebrate Mir-92s and thus these multiple paralogues in invertebrates are classified here as orphans pending new data.
3' NTU No
MotifsUG at 5p(-14), CNNC at 3p(+17)
Tissue expression
Ad Ad Em Em Em Em
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