Welcome to MirGeneDB2.0 - the curated microRNA Gene Database

MirGeneDB is a database of microRNA genes that have been validated and annotated as described in "A Uniform System for the Annotation of Vertebrate microRNA Genes and the Evolution of the Human microRNAome".* The initial version contained 1,434 microRNA genes for human, mouse, chicken and zebrafish. Version 2.0 contains more than 10,000 genes from 45 organisms representing nearly every major metazoan group, and these microRNAs can be browsed, searched and downloaded.

New features to MirgeneDB2.0 include:

  1. Extensive expression data ranging from whole animal-samples to organs/tissues to cell-types based on publicly available datasets.
  2. Annotations of 3' non-templated uridylations, processing motifs, anti-sense transcription, and of gene variants derived from alternative processing by Drosha and/or Dicer, are now provided for every miRNA.
  3. Updated annotations of the 3' ends for human, mouse, zebrafish and water fleas based on publicly available CAGE data.
  4. Comprehensive annotations of the evolutionary origin of both miRNA families (updated) and miRNA genes (new) with all orthologues and paralogues clearly identified both through name and through the hierarchy of the database. Further, the miRNA repertoires (both family and gene) are identified for all last common ancestors of the taxa included in the database.
  5. All relevant fasta and annotation files (bed & gff) for all taxa are available for immediate download.
  6. All known false negatives are reported separately including the mature (and if known the star) read supporting the designation.

MirGeneDB 2.0 is now published with Nucleic Acids Research (database issue): "Fromm et al "MirGeneDB2.0: The metazoan microRNA complement""