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4 Latimeria chalumnae microRNA genes of family MIR-24 (all species)
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MirGeneDB ID MiRBase ID Family Seed 5p accession 3p accession Chromosome Start End Strand Node of origin (locus) Node of origin (family) 3' NTU  UG  UGUG CNNC
Lch-Mir-24-P1 None MIR-24 GGCUCAG None None JH126762.1 1801884 1801943 - Gnathostomata Vertebrata Unknown
Lch-Mir-24-P2 None MIR-24 GGCUCAG None None JH126823.1 175961 176020 - Gnathostomata Vertebrata Unknown
Lch-Mir-24-P3 None MIR-24 GGCUCAG None None JH126758.1 373059 373117 - Gnathostomata Vertebrata Unknown
Lch-Mir-24-P4 None MIR-24 GGCUCAG None None JH127091.1 1152354 1152413 - Gnathostomata Vertebrata Unknown 1

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