3 microRNA genes with seed UUCUAAU
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MirGeneDB ID MiRBase ID Family Seed 5p accession 3p accession Chromosome Start End Strand Node of origin (locus) Node of origin (family) 3' NTU  UG  UGUG CNNC
Hsa-Mir-576 hsa-mir-576 MIR-576 UUCUAAU MIMAT0003241 MIMAT0004796 chr4 109488713 109488774 + Catarrhini Catarrhini No
Mml-Mir-576 mml-mir-576 MIR-576 UUCUAAU MIMAT0006436 MIMAT0006437 chr5 108411197 108411258 + Catarrhini Catarrhini No
Sto-Novel-1 None STO-NOVEL-1 UUCUAAU None None BFAA01001588.1 508224 508278 + S. torazame S. torazame No 1

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