2 Tribolium castaneum microRNA genes of family MIR-252
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Gene name MiRBase ID Family 5p accession 3p accession Chromosome Start End Strand Node of origin (gene) Node of origin (family) 3' NTU  UG  UGUG CNNC Ad Ea Em Em Em Em Em Oo
Tca-Mir-252-P1 tca-mir-252a MIR-252 MIMAT0018804 MIMAT0018805 LG9 7058373 7058428 + Bilateria Bilateria No
Tca-Mir-252-P2 tca-mir-252b MIR-252 MIMAT0018806 MIMAT0018807 LG9 7050461 7050518 + Bilateria Bilateria No 1 1

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